Unibroue La Fin Du Monde Triple 355ml

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Abbey Canada
Like the finest wine, Unibroue's fine Beers have flavours that develop with age. Over time they become smoother, sometimes revealing notes of honey and candied fruit and developing a more assertive and lasting flavor. This phenomenon is known as maderization and is similar to the aging process in some of the world's great dessert wines. With its perfect harmony of cereal flavors, bitterness, and high alcohol content, La Fin du Monde is a top fermented, triple style golden Ale, highly refined with subtle aromas
Oxygen is the mortal enemy of beer because oxidation creates a stale, flat flavour. To this end, the yeast added to the bottle of Unibroue products triggers natural fermentation, consuming excess oxygen and preventing CO2 from oxidizing. This enhances Unibroue's aging potential. The high alcohol content of Unibroue products also lends itself well to aging by acting as a natural preservative
Blonde with a golden hue, sightly cloudy with a white, generous and creamy head. A slow effervescence before a floral bouquet exhibiting aromas of honey and spice, coriander, malt and alcohol. Mildly yeast with a complex palate of malt, fruit and spice notes followed by a smooth, dry finish. Medium bodied, the aftertaste pleasantly lingers on a warming finish. Its assertive flavors reveal a strong personality and a profound essence. Serve La Fin du Monde with almost any type of salty blue cheese or mussels, salmon and scallops, sausages or game
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