Stone Wood Pale Lager 330ml

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Lager Australia
Drawing on memories of sunny afternoons spent in the Beer gardens of Munich, drinking steins of the local full flavoured Pale Lagers, the brewers at Stone & Wood saw a parallel between what they were trying to achieve and what the Bavarians had mastered. Stone & Wood were driven by their uncompromising approach to brewing and how they managed to create a Beer which quenches the thirst while fulfilling the flavour expectations of knowing Bavaraians
A delicate Pale Lager style of Beer is tricky to brew. It takes quality ingredients, and time to get it right, it just can't be rushed. Something so fine, yet so complex that achieves a delicate balance requires quality ingredients, attention to detail and finesse to produce. With a Beer like this it's all about the grain. Good quality grain adds softness to the palate and a full bodied malt character. When it comes to hops, Stone & Wood choose a hop which provides the subtlety and harmony with the malt that Beer enthusiasts are looking for
A sparkling light colour. Flavour that strikes a fine balance between its subtle hop aroma and full malt palate with a soft clean finish
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