Nogne O Pale Ale 500ml

Pale Norway
Nøgne Ø make bottle conditioned Ale, real living Beers brewed from malt with top fermenting brewer's yeast that works rather quickly at high temperatures. This makes a more complex Beer, fruity and full bodied. Nøgne Ø do not filter their Beers, choosing to treat their brews to a second fermentation in the bottle from which it is served. Pale Ale is Nøgne Ø's best all rounder, a refreshing light and hoppy Ale, ideal alongside the barbeque or smoked meat dishes
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Nøgne Ø add a small amount of yeast and fresh wort to the Beer just before it is bottled, creating a natural carbonation by the natural action of yeast, as opposed to filtered beers which are given their fizz through gas injection. Living yeats inside the bottle guard against the Beer's aging and breakdown process, giving the beverage a much longer shelf life. A good bottle conditioned beer can maintain its drinkability for many years, and some can be kept for decades. Nøgne Ø Pale Ale is a living organism brewed with the finest Maris Otter, wheat and caramel malt, Northern Brewer and Centenneal hops, English ale yeast and local Grimstad water. Alcohol 6.0%
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