Lucky Drink Co Lucky Lager Beer 330ml

Lager China
How does one achieve true balance of mind, body and soul while still enjoying and experiencing all that nature has to offer? Through Beer of course! Not just any Beer, but rather Lucky Beer, a crisp refreshing Chinese Lager brewed from natural local produce. The list of ancient ingredients in Lucky Beer includes a blend of locally grown grains, malts and rice, hand selected hops and the purest water drawn from Lake Qiandao. So when you reach the bottle's half way mark, the clean refreshing taste will have you craving yet another stubby of Lucky Beer
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Now that you've tasted true enlightenment through Lucky Beer, it's time to share your good fortune as you encourage those around you to experience it's tantric, belly rubbing goodness. For those however who haven't reached this higher state of consciousness, please take it upon yourself to embark on a journey of discovery. Lucky Beer is the enlightened brew for an enlightened crew. Alcohol 4.8%
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