Rogue St Dry Hopped Red Ale 650ml

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Behind every great beer there is a brewer. Behind all great beef there must be a bull. Fukutsuru, Fuku to his friends, is his name. Ranked the top marbling bull in America, Fuku is a Japanese Wagyu bull whose offspring produce premium grade American Kobe beef, ideally to be served alongside St. Rogue Red. Over 50,000 units of Fuku's pride is in the freezer for future breeding. In his final days, Fuku was given the opportunity to socialize with some fine, young cows. Instead, he chose to take a nap. Dry Hopped Red Ale is dedicated to Fuku, a Rogue to the very end
Rogues have their Brewery in Oregon but they also operate brewpubs and public houses from San Francisco to Washington. Legend has it that founder Jack Joyce found himself stranded in Newport Oregon during a terrible snow storm. He wandered around until he met Mohave Niemi, founder of the famous Mo's Clam Chowder. She took him to her restaurant, fed him a bowl of chowder and told him she knew the perfect spot for a Rogue Brew Pub. It opened in May 1989, with a small but enthusiastic customer base, made up of curious locals who dropped by to see what was going on and never left. Many helped with the construction and their names have been immortalized on brass plaques which decorate the bar
Reddish copper in colour. Roasted, malty flavour with a deep hop, spruce influenced finish. A blend of Great Western Harrington and Klages, Munich and Hugh Baird, Carastan and Crystal malts, fermented through the action of Rogue's proprietary Pacman yeast and brewed with free range coastal water, infused by Chinook and Centennial hops. Ideally suited to full flavoured cuts of red meat, particularly pork and beef
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