Red Duck Bengal India Pale Ale 330ml

Indian Australia
The Calcutta Gazette, 1822, advertised goods just landed after a four month voyage around the Cape of Good Hope. Hodgson's warranted prime pale ale of the genuine October brewing, warranted fully equal, if not superior, to any ever before received in the settlement Apart from that fact, the real origins and recipes for IPA are disputed and argued over constantly. Red Duck Bengal IPA is fully equal, if not superior to any
Slab of 24
A deep golden amber colour. Great balance between hop flavours, aromas and rich malt characters. Pale malt and a small amount of caramalt contribute flavour and a brilliant hue. A beer that pays homage to the original British IPAs, but with a modern touch by adding generous, though not aggressive, amounts of Centennial and Cascade hops. The bitterness is moderate for it's style, around 60 IBUs, and at 7% Alcohol, it means that the extra malt balances the bitterness and makes this is a highly drinkable IPA
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