Hennessy Cognac VS 700ml

Cognac Brandy
Inspired by the decorative handle on his office window, Maurice Hennessy created the star symbol which he would use to classify his products. Thus was born Three Star Cognac. Hennessy Very Special is the descendant of Three Star, a fine assembly of over forty Eaux-de-vie from the four prime appellations of Cognac, aged up to eight years. Hennessy is the first choice for Cognac enthusiasts who prefer the classic brandy balloon, cradled in the palm of one's hand, swirling the spirit as it warms, slowly releasing it's treaure trove of aromas.
A beautiful, bright golden colour. A bouquet evocative of perfumed oak, a delicate scent of hazelnuts, floral and elegant, the sweetness of red fruits, a hint of vanilla. Balanced and complex, the luscious palate slowly releases layers of fruit characters and flavour which evolve and mellow into the most refined of finishes. Hennessy V.S has traditionally been enjoyed neat after a fine meal, a splendid augmentation for the most exquisite cocktails.
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