Glenlivet 18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 700ml

Glenlivet 18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 700ml - Buy
Scotch Whisky
Gold & Silver International Wine & Spirit Competition, Gold & Trophy International Spirits Challenge, Gold & Double-Gold & Silver San Francisco World Spirits Competition. A bitter sweet score with a beautifully controlled balance and an unfailing elegance. Oak is the conductor, handing over to fruity or floral aromas in turn. A discreet sherry influence strikes sweet chords in a full tempo. The perfect dram to sip by the fireplace. "A superb, complex dram. 5 Stars!" -Handbook of Whisky, "A very fine, fruity malt!" -Scotch Whisky Directory.
Scotland's loneliest glen has more than its share of folklore. Glenlivet's cast list of mythical inhabitants makes exciting reading. Fairies (not the benign species at the bottom of the garden, but malevolent baby snatchers); bogles, large, ugly spirits with an aggressive temperament; kelpies, a kind of water horse that haunts rivers and pools and makes a habit of drowning unwitting travellers; tales of all shapes and sizes; and witches and warlocks with one foot in the real world and the other across the great divide. As any Glenlivet inhabitant knows, the fairies and kelpies who command the centre ground can only be appeased by a wee dram of the finest local malt
Old gold, with ripe apricot hues. Fragrant, elegant, complex. Sweet oakiness. A touch of damp cellar and moss. Antique shop. Beeswax, polished oak floor. Multi-layered. Oak leads way to heady floral fragrances. Freesia, peony. Gets toffeeish in time. Butterscotch. Mint chocolate. Summer fruit – redcurrants and raspberries – pie. Then wood takes control back. Fresh sawdust. A touch of burning log. Powdered ginger. With water it gets creamier. Crème brûlée, warm apple-pie. And more flowery. Smooth and velvety palate with a firm underlining. Gentle maltiness with a touch of passion fruit. That sweetness is immediately followed by a tantalizing burst of spices. Lasting finish, oaky and gingery. Distant smoke
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