Wild Turkey 101 Proof 8 Years Bourbon 700ml

Wild Turkey 101 Proof 8 Years Bourbon 700ml - Buy
Bourbon American
Hand crafted at the Lawrenceburg Distillery, right in the heart of Bourbon country, 101 Proof is made in the good old fashioned Tennessee way. It's a totally natural process which has remained unchanged for generations and takes substantially more time and money, but as anyone who has tasted Wild Turkey knows, it's truly worth it. A genuine super premium Bourbon, drinking Wild Turkey 101 is like a lesson in traditional American values, most notably, the uncompromising pursuit of the highest standards in excellence.
The barrels which age Wild Turkey are coopered in Kentucky of oak from Missouri's Ozark Mountains. Wild Turkey requires at least 26 staves per hand made barrel and uses the premium quality, deep layer, heavy char barrels. The additional charcoal covering the interior of the barrel plays a critical role in the maturation. With aging, the Whiskey winds its way through, in and around the thick charred layers, lending Wild Turkey its signature flavour and deep russet colour. After their first and only maturation of Wild Turkey, these highly sought barrels are sold to Canadian, Scotch and Irish Distilleries. Fermented and distilled at lower alcohol levels to retain flavour, Wild Turkey comes out of the barrel at an optimal 109°
Richly amber coloured. An exceptionally soft, but rich aroma for a high proof Bourbon Whiskey, due to quality craftsmanship at all stages and a full eight years ageing in the choicest Ozark oak casks. It's taste is powerful and rich with caramel, vanilla and notes of honey and brown sugar. The finish is very long, rich and full bodied, powerful, yet soothing.
Wild Turkey
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