Jameson Select Reserve Irish Whiskey 700ml

It has been over two centuries in the making but Select Reserve has been worth the wait. It all began when the Jameson Malt Masters identified precious stocks of Irish pot still Whiskey, to be assembled with a rare small batch grain Whiskey and matured in a selection of flame charred Bourbon oak barrels. As this refined Spirit matures, it develops deeply aromatic notes of caramel and char, exotic fruits and spice, the unmistakable rich and smooth character of Jameson Select Reserve.
Jameson's unique recipe of Malts are dried in closed kilns to achieve a smooth, natural Whiskey taste. The absence of smoke in the malting process ensures that the clean taste of quality Barley and fine Malt shine through in the finished Whiskey. The paradox of barley is that it doesn't contain fermentable sugar, just starch. Early distillers discovered that if barley is allowed to sprout under spring conditions for a few days and then dried, the amount of alcohol subsequently obtained from brewing and fermentation is vastly greater. This ancient process is one of the techniques which defines Irish Whiskey and sets Jameson apart from other fine Malted spirits.
Dark golden hues. Rich and full nose, the succulent sweetness of exotic fruits, nectarine, papayas and apricot. A burst of flavours, a creamy, luscious taste, fruity sweetness of grain, waves of vanilla, toasted oak and spice. An endlessly long finish, fruit and oaken spice lingering in perfect balance, a remarkably rich and exquisitely refined indulgment of Whiskey.
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