Wild Turkey Bourbon Liqueur with Honey 700ml

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Bourbon American
Wild Turkey brings out the best flavours of good Bourbon, but with an infusement of real honey to give it a sweetness that's hard to resist. The palate is a bit like syrup and glides around the mouth with notes of citrus and vanilla. At a time when the priority is for most liquor brands to shed age old customs in favour of time saving or cost cutting practices, Wild Turkey carries the mantle of tradition with grace, distinction and America's most enduring style of fine Whisky. It marries well with Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey to make a Kentucky style Golden Nail.
Wild Turkey uses only natural processes and has no added flavors or colors. Wild Turkey's reputation rests on the product's consistency in taste, color and aroma - all standards by which connoisseurs gauge bourbon's quality.
Making a fine Liqueur Bourbon Whiskey is a combination of art and science. Essentially a handmade product, Wild Turkey Bourbon's formulation is highly dependent on the selection of the highest quality ingredients and a commitment to an all-natural process, proper facilities and plenty of time. Perfectly suited for after-dinner consumption, Wild Turkey Bourbon Liqueur rounds-out the gastronomy and sensual pleasures of a Wild Turkey dinner party.
Wild Turkey
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