Johnnie Walker Red Label Cradle Scotch 4.5 LITRES

Scotch Whisky
Red Label is a powerful combination of spicy, smoky malts, such as Talisker, and lingering, lighter grains. Its robust qualities are what make it so good for drinking long. The global success of Red Label is just one reason why it is now considered to be the classic taste of blended Scotch whisky. This youthful, vibrant whisky is perfect for mixing. Few other spirits are able to retain their true character when mixed. It has a robust and traditional Scotch flavour to be fully enjoyed with all mixers.
Johnnie Walker Red Label, with its distinctive and exuberant flavour was created to be drunk as a long drink - a favourite choice for celebrating every day. It was originally known as Extra Special Old Highland Whisky, and was introduced as Red Label in 1909 to suit a new generation of whisky drinkers. Now this adventurous blend can be found in more than 200 countries. It's always been a drink that captures a truly international spirit, and as it has proved over the decades, it is the world's favourite whisky.
Golden hues. Direct and fresh aromas, hints of vanilla and powerful smoky malt. Smooth and quite sweet, with lots of smoky malt balanced by sweeter vanilla edges and hints of spice. Cardow Distillery provides the predominant malt flavours which are lightened by the grain whiskies, Talisker injects the distinctive smoke and spice that characterises this robust and traditional Scotch.
Johnnie Walker
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