Johnnie Walker Black Label Cradle Scotch 4.5 Litre

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Scotch Whisky
The Master Blenders at Johnnie Walker artfully combine a broad palate of flavours to create a Whisky which is complex, yet rounded and smooth, a timeless marque of refinement and excellence. As many as forty Whiskies, carefully selected and cellared by the Johnnie Walker Masters, are aged twelve years or more, selected barrel by barrel to assemble into the final Blend. Johnnie Walker retain the finest old Distilleries in all Scotland, a component of Cardow Malt contributes smoothness and fruitiness, mature grain characters and notes of sweet vanilla oak.
Honey brown hues. A complex array of aromas, dry smokiness mixing with raisin sweetness, freshened by orange zest and citrus oils. Smooth, with a deep challenging flavour packed with rich smoky malt and peat. Sweet vanillas in the background combine with a tang of burnt raisins. The classic way to enjoy Black Label is over lots of ice or with still or sparkling water which helps to release its different aromas.
Johnnie Walker
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