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Scotch Whisky
Few whiskies offer as indulgent an experience as Johnnie Walker Gold Label. Exceptionally smooth, creamy and delicate, Gold Label is the ultimate whisky pleasure. A skilful fusion of rare aged whiskies inspired by the notes originally kept by Sir Alexander Walker, and crafted from only a small number of Scotland's most renowned distilleries each matured for a minimum of 18 years. One sip reveals honey tones balanced with almonds and spices, leading to a distinctive creaminess and the most delightful smooth finish.
The true hedonists of the world freeze their Gold Label for 24 hours to release its light fruity flavours and true honey sweetness, as the whisky warms in the mouth. When the frozen whisky warms in the mouth it releases its flavours with great intensity. Other whiskies either lack these distinctive light characters or have flavours that can be overpowering when suddenly released, for example strong woody or smoky characters. Gold Label is perfect when served frozen, in a frozen glass and perhaps even served with a bitter chocolate dessert for a truly indulgent experience. This process turns an already smooth whisky into one that is surpassingly smooth, as the sweet honey and cream notes are released. Freezing it is certainly not the only way to serve Gold Label, but it is an intriguing and entertaining way to draw out the delicate flavour of the whisky.
The golden whisky, a truly inspired blend that has at its heart the rare Clynelish malt, distilled from spring water which runs through veins of pure gold, to create a magical taste, rich soft and lingering. Full, round and deep nose, with notes of soft raisins and toffee, fresh malt and light cream. Enticing and sensuous. Rich and broad with full malt flavours, honeyed spices with almonds and marzipan, leading to a distinctive creaminess. An 18-year-old whisky from Cardow distillery gives the strong yet smooth malt and oak flavours; extra-mature grain whiskies provide some of the lingering sweetness, whilst 18-year-old Clynelish from the Northern Highlands delivers the unusual aromatic creaminess. A satisfying long and multi-dimensional finish
Johnnie Walker
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