Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Years 700ml

Scotch Whisky
Establishing an unassailable reputation as the world's best blended Whisky, the demand for a Johnnie Walker Pure Malt grew to such an extent that it was released on a commercial scale. Green Label renmains a rare find, the Blended Malt of choice for the fine spirit enthusiast, unique in that it contains no grain Whisky whatsoever. Assembled from components of the four Johnnie Walker core superior Single Malts,Talisker and Cragganmore, Linkwood and Caol Ila, aged a minimum of fifteen years, a blend of unparalleled intensity, substance and depth.
From 1879, when Johnnie Walker received his first prize for excellence at the Sydney International Exhibition, Johnnie Walker has claimed more Whisky awards for than any other brand. Green Label is a rich blend of Malts, drawn from the four corners of Scotland. John Walker's grandson, Alexander II, was a master in the art of blending. Acquiring great skills from his father and grandfather, Alexander was also apprenticed at Robertson & Baxter, an established Distiller and wholesale spirit merchant. While first class training is important, natural talent and a Master Blender's perceptive nose are crucial when creating a complex blend. The tradition endures, today's Johnnie Walker blenders are masters of their art.
Bright, deep amber hue. Vibrant nose, sense how the aroma starts with maritime, seashore notes, moving inland with notes of fern, bark and sandalwood. A full spectrum of Malt flavours are revealed, notice the light, fruity malts and richer, more intense Malts with sherry cask richness and the smoky signature of Johnnie Walker that lingers on the palate.
Johnnie Walker
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