Jim Beam White Label Bourbon 700ml

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Jim Beam are about making the world's finest bourbon. Jim Beam starts with only the finest ingredients and cooks them at a lower temperature over longer periods of time. This gives Jim Beam a natural grain flavor that's never harsh, always mellow and pleasant. Jim Beam have stayed true to the original recipe for 209 years. In every rich, satisfying sip of Jim Beam White you can enjoy the craftsmanship and heritage that goes into a genuine Kentucky Bourbon. For 7 generations the distillers at Jim Beam have remained loyal to that mission, and to the people who appreciate what's on the inside.
Jim Beam uses yeast from their private stock, carefully cultured to maintain purity and consistency. To keep quality consistent, each vat uses a mix of new yeast and yeast from a prior distillation. A second distilling refines the alcohol's proof and flavor, producing a new condensate called "high wine," or "white dog." The high wine is then transferred directly to barrels without filtering or additives. Jim Beam bourbon is distilled at lower temperatures and reduced to no more than 125 proof or 62.5% alcohol (other bourbons may be distilled to as much as 160 proof). This retains more of the whiskey's natural, mellow flavor.
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