Jim Beam Black Label Bourbon 700ml

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Bourbon American
Since 1795, seven generations of the Beam family have been distilling America's finest Whiskey. Jim was the man who re-established the Beam distillery following the abolition of prohibition in 1933. Jim Beam Black is aged to perfection. Six long years locked away make for a darker, richer character and a taste that handsomely rewards.The Beverage Testing Institute rated Jim Beam Black highest amongst all the leading North American Whiskeys for its inviting nose, depth of flavour and lasting, generous finish.
Deep amber colour. A sweet nose with luscious characters of caramel and yellow fruits, aeration reveals tobacco leaf, oak resin and cereal. Palate entry is semi sweet and mildly grainy. Finishes elegantly, with dry flavours of toasted grain, fruit caramels and oak
Jim Beam
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