Martin Millers Reform Gin 700ml

Smooth enough to drink neat, energetic enough to be the base of a cocktail, Martin Miller's Gin cruises ahead of the pack as the drink of choice for the fashionista. "This award winning gin comes in a presentation package and is a vastly superior product. True gin connoisseurs will enjoy the aroma of juniper berries, a palate of citrus fruits and a long, fiery aftertaste." -Evening standard. “So complex, sophisticated, pricey, beautifully packaged and well travelled – I have to admit Martin Millers Gin is pretty hard to beat in the personality stakes”. -Ronan Sayburn, Head Sommelier, Gordon Ramsay Restaurant, London.
Martin Miller's is the well travelled English distilled gin. Before it's even a year old it undergoes a journey of 3,000 miles to blend the distilled spirit with the purest Icelandic water, to ensure the clean, fresh taste unique to this super-premium gin. Complex, sophisticated, well packaged and well travelled. Martin Miller's Gin is distilled outside London using over eight botanicals and aromatics. Then it is sent to Iceland to be blended with the softest and purest Icelandic spring water, where one more ingredient is added. This is the secret ingredient not even known to the master distiller. Packaged in a high quality, super clear glass bottle it is eye-catching with great bar stand out quality.
-Distinct flavour, but not with the hard gin edge -Respected by gin drinkers and appreciated by non-gin drinkers -So smooth it can even be drunk neat -Almost any favourite cocktail, classic or modern gets an amazing positive twist from Martin Miller's. -Pot distilled in 100 year old still, using only the heart of the spirit -Two different recipes distilled separately -Best quality botanicals and additional unusual ingredient added -Soft pure Icelandic water. "Incredibly smooth with a wonderful hint of crushed white flowers on the finish. Delicious splashed over ice, and a fantastic martini base." -Food & Travel.
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