Tanqueray Gin 700ml

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The smooth, clean taste of Tanqueray sets it apart from any other gin. Tanqueray's distinctive flavour is exceptionally dry and strong in juniper with a sweet, fruit edge. Imported from England and made only from the purest grain spirit, the dry pleasing taste of Tanqueray will add the perfect touch to cocktails and martinis. The original distilling instructions which are carefully followed to create Tanqueray's unique flavour, are a closely guarded secret and are kept under three locks in a black ledger known to the company as "The Bible". The unique and distinctive bottle is based on the shape of a cocktail shaker.
Tanqueray Gin is distilled four times using only the most pure natural grain spirit and natural botanicals which are chosen by hand and matured for 18 months. While the recipe is a secret entrusted to the master distiller, it's essential ingredients include juniper berries, angelica root and coriander seeds. A clean and crisp flavoured Gin, it is both succulent and subtle with penetrating spicy layers enhanced by golden, lemony top notes.
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