Stolichinaya Stolichnaya Russian Vodka 700ml

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Stolichnaya is the world's number one genuine Russian vodka. Stolichnaya or Stoli to it's many friends, is an authentic family of Russian vodkas, made in the traditional Russian manner using production techniques that date back to the fifteenth century. Only the very finest natural ingredients find their way into Stolichnaya. There's no mistaking the Stoli on the table or the tongue. The iconic red label stands out from the masses. Complex layers of flavour and an unmistakable quality tell you you're drinking Stoli the second you raise the glass to your mouth.
Born and bred in St. Petersburg's most distinguished distillery, it owes it's smooth and velvety character to the high quality ingredients as well as the double distillation and quadruple filtration processes. The vodka of modern times came about in the early 1800s, when it was discovered that filtration through charcoal eliminated most of the impurities, to create a smoother, more palatable spirit.
Stolichnaya's a a high quality family of Russian vodkas with complex layers of flavour. Stolichnaya uses winter wheat, softened water and a 500-year-old Russian double distillation method. Combined with a quadruple-filtration process, this yields a high-quality family of genuine Russian vodkas with complex layers of aroma and flavour. Enjoy Stoli the way it should be enjoyed, frozen!
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