Chambord Liqueur 500ml

King Louis XIV visited Château Chambord in 1685, where he enjoyed a marvelous Liqueur made from wild black raspberries. Just two hours south of Paris, in an area fondly called Jardin de France, is the home of Chambord. This exceptional Liqueur is crafted on the grounds of La Sistiere, a magnificent chateau nestled in Cour Cheverny along the Vallee Loire. For the bon vivant, Chambord is the essential ingredient, bringing magic to cocktails and fine gourmandise. Captivating the most discerning palate, Chambord tempts and rewards experimentation.
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Chambord employs a unique three step process to create a liqueur possessing an unprecedented level of high quality ingredients, complexities, flavour and aroma. Macerations of whole fresh raspberries and blackberries in a neutral spirit over the course of several weeks are followed by a delicate press and filtration. Natural extracts of black raspberry and black currant, raspberries, Madagascar vanilla and other fragrant herbs are added along with extra fine Coognac. The Master Blender then brings all components into exquisite balance, achieving a rich and complex Liqueur of concentration and harmony known around the world as Chambord Liqueur Royale de France
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