Galliano Black Sambuca Liqueur 700ml

A stunning and irresistible liquor that prolificly adorns cocktail bars and fine dining rooms. Galliano Black thrusts shimmering shards of licorice blue, icey colour highlights against a background of night black viscosity. A shiny, envigorating essence of strong aromatic intensity, well emphasized by the alcoholic strength, makes a first impression of freshness and balanced by floral notes with dollops of star aniseed essential oil, then notes of liquorice supported by the characteristic powerful taste of complex steely herbs, deep red-purple fruits and elderbush berry. .
The first taste makes a deep impression of smoothness, complexity, raw savage abandon and fiery notes that are brought together by a taming bond of floral essential oils. Delightful aromatic herbs show up stimulating the senses and occupying the palate, whilst the soft decay of the heady liquorice begins to release the supple underflavours of this remarkably luxuriant liquor. Star aniseed, a mesmerizing lustre and balanced red fruits aplenty make the Galliano Black the most cherished of drinkable black liquorice.
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