Hennessy Private Reserve Cognac 700ml

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Cognac Brandy
The Hennessy family have long maintained a private reserve of Cognac to share with family and friends. Today, Hennessy is pleased to offer the new, limited edition Private Reserve, a revival of the Cognac originally formulated in 1865 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Hennessy Cognac with family, friends and true aficianados. Hennessy Private Reserve is an assembly of eleven Eaux-de-vie from fruit grown within the distinguished commune of Grande Champagne, the most exclusive grape growing appellation in all France.
Dark mahogany hues. Light, delicate floral aromas, blossoms and vanilla, pastry, almonds and citrus caramel. Glazed fruit cherries and orange to the palate, sandalwood and cedar notes, voluptuous, mellow, subtle blend of sweet spices and delicious glazed fruits, Cognac of extraordinary finesse. The finish is remarkably long and intense, without a trace of heaviness. Hennessy Private Reserve pairs well with rich festive breads and chocolate desserts.
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