Ciroc French Vodka 750ml

Cîroc is made exclusively from two types of grapes grown in the centuries-old vineyards of the Gaillac and Cognac regions of France, the Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc. Cîroc is the world's first and only Vodka made exclusively from grapes. This innovation in French craftsmanship uses a cold fermentation process, unique to the world of Vodka, preserving the grapes' distinct freshness. Distilled five times, this results in a taste which is exceptionally fresh and elegantly smooth. Cîroc goes against the grain and allows you to create unexpected drink experiences.
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In the Southwest of France, nestled between Roussillon and the Pyrenees in the South and the Gorges of the Tarn in the East, is a small region called Gaillac. It is here, in one of the oldest wine-growing areas in France, that Cîroc gets its true character. Using the perfect combination of traditional 10th century methods established by the Benedictine Monks in the Abbey of St. Michel to preserve the integrity and quality of the region's grapes, and modern technological advances, Mauzac Blanc grapes continue to grow at elevations of just over 300 meters. These elevated vineyards form a microclimate perfect for creating the Mauzac Blanc grapes. These grapes are left on the vine for an extended period of ripening, are harvested at lower temperatures, and are at the heart of Cîroc.
The nose is fresh, with a wisp of citrus. A very light, fresh, lemon character is evident during the first sip with hints of green grape carrying through the middle of the mouth. A crisp and fresh finish, with lovely viscosity and rich texture, a delicate vapour of citrus ser ves to balance the alcohol almost immediately. Exceptionally fresh and elegantly smooth. While using labor intensive and expensive techniques, the vineyard manager and the master distiller can ensure that the delicate character of Cîroc will be preserved, from the selection of grapes in the vineyard to the vodka in the glass.
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