Johnnie Walker Johnnie Blue Centenary Tumbler Set 700ml

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Scotch Whisky Limited Edition
Johnnie Walker Blue marks a return to the 1850s and the prestigious roots of the brand founder John Walker, who applied his tea blending skills to the creation of exclusive, high quality whiskies for his most esteemed customers. Every single element of this exceptional blend is handpicked from extraordinary casks, recreating the traditional style of nineteenth century whiskies. Blue Label epitomizes the High Art of Blending, and has won more gold medals than any other super premium Scotch Whisky.
Blended to recreate the original flavour of the whiskies blended by the Walkers in the early years, Blue Label is made from a few exceptional whiskies with powerful flavours, very rare whiskies from individually selected and superlative casks. At the heart of Blue Label is Royal Lochnagar a rare Malt distilled near Balmoral. Each bottle is precious to the makers and is individually numbered. Each contains a rare taste and gives an intense experience. "Sometimes due to a combination of natural factors beyond our control, a distillery will produce a unique batch of an amazingly different Whisky. These occurrences are very rare and you can't predict them" -Master Blender Jim Beveridge
Renowned for its perfect balance, Johnnie Walker Blue Label has an overall sense of both freshness and maturity. Its mellow rounded nose is almost devoid of prickle. A sip reveals a velvety mouth-feel and a coincident explosion of flavour evoking hazelnuts and honey, rose petals, sherry and oranges. Further investigation rewards the connoisseur with the hidden secrets of kumquats, wispy aromatic smoke, sandalwood, tobacco, chocolate and stewed apples. Blue Label releases an extraordinary unfolding of flavours, the finish is long and brings a beeswax aftertaste
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