Carpene Malvolti Grappa Bianca 700ml

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Grappa is a unique distilled spirit and is exclusively produced in Italy from the marc of the best wine grapes. Carpenè Malvolti has been one of the first companies to distill commercial quantities of Grappa, after expanding operations at the end of the 1800s. To ensure the quality of its products today, as in the past, it flanks its most qualified suppliers to carefully select the white grapes and to take the utmost care during distillation. Oenologists attach special attention to selecting the best and freshest marc without the stalks.
A traditional and inimitable technique is painstakingly applied to the source ferments (marc) with the task of controlling fermentation, to achieve a very fine spirit with a rich harmonies between bouquets and palate. Great care is attached in the distillation of Carpenè Malvolti, a traditional steam still, crafted purely of copper is an inherent part of the process. The heads and tails of the distillate are eliminated, and only the heart of the liquid is reserved for final release. This stage is essential as it ensures the purity and elegance that are the marking features of Carpenè Malvolti.
Appearance is crystalline and clear, the bouquet is very fine for a Grappa, it is persistent, clean and elegant. The taste is balanced and dry. To be enjoyed straight and at room temperature to appreciate its fineness. A tulip glass is ideal for serving, this is a very fine Grappa worthy of tasting in small sips to appreciate the complexity, and nuances of fruit. Keep the bottle closed tightly to maintain the exceptional palate and precious scents of this exceptional liquor
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