Bauman Teufelskrauter Devils Herb Liqueur 500ml

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Tyrolean farmers traditionally turned fruit, herbs, roots and berries into the finest and most flavoursome spirits, elixirs of life and mystical household remedies. The secret of this fiery hot liqueur lies in the seventeen devilishly good herbs. Burnet, centaury, curaçao peel, liquorice, cinnamon rind, cloves, sage, wormwood, combined with closely guarded herbs and extracts, are gently sweetened with cane sugar. Blended with fine old original Jamaican rum, and fashioned into an igneously devilish and delicious liqueur.
Baumann have taken the recipes and experiences of their forefathers and created a speciality Liqueur, which tantalizes the tongue and adds to the sense of one's well-being. Bauman Teufelskrauter Devils Herb Liqueur preserves the traditions and folklore of the Tyrol's distant past. To this day, private herb gatherers and horticulturalists supply Baumann with rare plants and roots, unique seeds and berries, from the alpine valleys and mountain pastures around Tyrol. These precious ingredients are then painstakingly measured, sorted and prepared according to ancient recipes. Through gentle infusion and maceration, a unique distillation process ensures the goodness and naturopathic qualities of the ingredients are retained
Fierily hot, and the delight incarnate, Bauman Teufelskrauter Devils Herb Liqueur is a one-of-a-kind speciality, bottled with a handsome level of fifty percent alcohol, that's big on flavour and ideal for flambéing! For gourmets? Fill your jigger up to the top, and carefully light the Teufelskrauter. Take care to use something that's fire-resistant, Bauman recommends a traditional Schnapsstamperl short jigger made of thick glass. Continue to burn the spirit, concentrating the flavours, and warming the juice, determining the alcoholic content for yourself. Three minutes of burning reduces the liquor to 45%, five minutes to 42%, ten minutes to 33%. Extinguish the flame and let the glass cool down. Cheers possums!
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