Danziger Gold Leaf Vodka 700ml

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Premium Grain Vodka with pure edible Gold leaf, Danziger is one of a kind, a prestige Vodka served at the world's most sophisticated nitespots. "Londoners are now dining on melba toast topped with foie gras and finished off with 24 carat Gold. There are also Japanese plums in a jelly containing flakes of pure Gold. And for the sweet lovers among them, Gold leaf is also used on petit fours and ice cream. Around London's bar scene, bartenders are serving Vodka with specks of Gold, as well as Gold-flecked Champagne!" Getasla Magazine.
In ancient times, gold leaf was added to food as a form of elixir. The Dharmashastra states that penance could be performed by eating gold, washing away the sins. In 1546 Agricola wrote that gold was being utilized by contemporary alchemists to prepare a liquid which restores youth. A legend in his own lifetime, Danziger's founder Harry Lee explored the Amazon, was assistant conductor and first violinist with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, a war hero decorated with the Silver Star and Purple Heart, and movie prducer with over sixty films to his credit. Harry Lee Danziger's family once owned Monte Carlo's prestigious Metropole Hotel and London Mayfair, jewellers Cartier of Paris, as well as a highly productive gold mine
Nice and fresh, aromatic for a vodka, with traces of perky grain and whisps of honey. Minerally texture that exhibits some body and substance. Initial palate exhibits lightness and elegance, this is a garaceful Vodka, not without complexity, rapidly opening up with spirited flavours, light buttery notes, nuances of buckwheat and peat, a hint of savoury smokeyness, balanced with hints of sweetness. Danziger remains in control as the flavours develop on the tongue, it releases complexities layer by layer, exhibiting freshness and distinguished outdoor characters. Mellow and controlled, it eases to a finish which releases further deep grainy notes, drying spice elements, and a very subtle shortbread-like sweetness
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