Lion-Nathan Inner Circle Red Batch Distilled Rum 700ml

The senior guys at Australia's Colonial Sugar Refining Company knew what they were doing. They wanted to Distil the finest Rum possible, no expense was to be spared. It was so good, they kept it all for themselves and their inner circle of key clients. In the 1970s, word eventually got out and the company was finally forced to release one of the world's best Rums to an eager public. Today, Inner Circle is still carefully crafted in small batches using the traditional process of pot distillation perfected by CSR, over a hundred years ago.
In 1986 CSR exited the Rum game and closed down the Inner Circle operations. Australian Olympic Yachtsman Stuart Gilbert, lamenting the loss of his favourite Rum, sought Malcolm Campbell, the man responsible for the distillation and quality control of Inner Circle from 1972 to 1986. To Stuart's delight, Malcolm was only too willing to get back to his old job and once again make Inner Circle Rum. Today, the legendary Distillery uses pot stills to distil rum in small batches. The pre-Federation Rum making techniques are faithfully followed, achieving small amounts of a unique and distinctive quality Spirit. As they say around the Inner Circle Rumworks, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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