Macallan 25 Year Sherry Oak Speyside Malt 700ml

Scotch Whisky
The Macallan Fine Sherry Oak Malt is treated to an extravagant triple maturation in a unique selection of seasoned oak casks. European oak which has previously held stocks of fine Sherry, imparts rich characters of dried fruit, chocolates and spiced orange. Casks of American oak which have been seasoned by years of Sherry contribute lemon notes, coconut and toffee sweetness. American oak casks which have held stocks of American Bourbon Whisky add florals, sweet vanilla and stonefruit characters. An extraordinarily smooth, delicate yet complex Single Malt.
Macallan source the most expensive of all oak cask types to mature their exceptional Malt. The Macallanís oak maturation casks are the single greatest contributor to the outstanding quality, natural colours and distinctive aromas and flavours. Macallan controls the whole journey from forest to cask for both Spanish and American oak Sherry seasoned casks. A study commissioned exclusively for The Macallan showed that the exceptional oak sherry casks account for some 60% of the final aromas and flavours.
Colour is a bright amber. A rich and robust nose, with a hint of peach, blood orange and wood spice. Intense palate, coconut and vanilla, with a hint of sultana, lemon and peat. Lingeringfinish with a hint of sherry, orange and spice
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