Grey Goose French Vodka 700ml

Discover a unique vodka experience, as French craftsmanship, superior ingredients and exacting distillation create a smooth taste that brings people together for moments of excellence. For centuries France has been known for its passion, quality and meticulous craftsmanship, values that have inspired the creation of some of the world's finest luxury goods. Grey Goose adheres to the high standards by combining passion with an uncompromising attention to detail and the finest natural ingredients, to create a truly exceptional spirit.
The story of Grey Goose begins with the finest soft winter wheat grown by generations of farming families near the Picardy region of France. Grey Goose selects the wheat certified as Class 1 blé panifiable supérieur or superior bread making wheat, the same used to bake france's world renowned pastries and bread. Grey Goose uses only the purest water naturally filtered through Grande Champagne limestone in Gensac springs. An artesian well draws from an aquifer 500 feet beneath the ground, sourcing water untouched by humans and pollutants.
Grey Goose
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