Jim Beam Distillers Collection No2 700ml

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Bourbon American
Jim Beam have added to Jacob's first creation - now known as Jim Beam Bourbon - by crafting a whole family of bourbons. Some are aged longer to add a little more character and complexity. Some are filtered through charcoal for a more rounded and mature taste, others can offer a spicey rye flavor. A select few are made in small batches, the way bourbon was originally made. They can be light and delicate. Creamy and elegant. Smooth and balanced. Chewy and crisp. In fact, Jim Beam make a bourbon for everyone.
Central Kentucky's water is famous for making fast horses, pretty women and good bourbon. Sitting on top of a limestone shelf, the water has a natural filter. This creates an iron-free, calcium-rich water that's perfect for making bourbon, the reasom why 98% of all bourbon distilleries are located there. Jim Beam ages for at least four years, twice as long as the U.S. government requires. As the seasons change, Kentucky's climate expands and contracts the barrel wood, allowing bourbon to seep into the barrel. The caramelized sugars from the gator-charred oak, flavor and color the bourbon. A fair portion escapes through evaporation, or stays trapped in the wood, known as the angel's share or Booker's share
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