Ardbeg Blasda Isle of Islay Malt 700ml

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Scotch Whisky
An extremely rare and limited experience of some very light Ardbeg, Blasda will no doubt arouse the curiosity of Islay malt drinkers. Blasda is at the centre of an ongoing debate within the Ardbeg Committee, the very loyal fan club of enthusiasts who contribute to Ardbeg as a concept and an international community. Wherever you are in the world, join us for a Blasda at 8pm and enjoy the lovely, lip-smacking, lighter side of Ardbeg, a more refined and delicate dram than the famed and very peaty Ardbeg Ten Years Old.
Ardbeg is famed for packing a peaty punch, but there is more to The Ultimate Islay Malt than meets the eye, nose or tastebud. To prove it, Ardbeg has undertaken an experiment to tame it's usual mighty peating level and allow Ardbeg's lighter qualities to shine through. At only 8ppm (parts per million phenol) in the bottle, Blasda (Gaelic for sweet and delicious) unmasks the delicious sweetness of sherbet vanilla, chocolate limes and the floral fragrance that is inherent in all expressions of Ardbeg Isle of Islay. Blasda is chill filtered and presented at 40% alcohol by volume, a variation to most Ardbeg which are not normally chill filtered and weigh in at a minimum of 46% alcohol
Colour is a light gold. Deliciously sweet and refreshing. On first nosing, the aroma is reminiscent of baked banoffiepie and roast chestnuts. On further nosing, cloves, pine cones and fresh mint rise from the glass, softened by creamy vanilla custard. A tingle of lemon and lime marmalade cuts through the vanilla withspiced pears followed by a breath of menthol and sea salt. Refreshing, silky and creamy to the palate, the initial sip is sweet with a mixture of sugared almonds, marzipan and hints of dried fruits. Gentle peat oils well up on the palate, remaining soft, clean and dry with adusting of powdery parmaviolets. The finish is medium in length and tingly with a refreshing balance of fruits and herbs
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