Beenleigh Copper Pot Distilled Rum 700ml

The heritage listed Beenleigh Rum Works are the oldest registered distillery in Australia. Robert Johnston settled an area just outside of current day Brisbane circa 1864, sowing his property to sugar cane and arrowroot. One of the few historic distilleries, still operating in Australia, Beenleigh houses the oldest operating still, built in 1864. Australia's original Rum, distilled in the old fashioned way, transferred to a selection of seasoned Brandy vats and Bourbon barrels for a minimum two years maturation, before blending into the finished Beenleigh Pot Distilled Rum.
Dark amber hues. Fragrant caramel characters and pronounced vanilla notes, a subtle infusion of floral elements from time spent maturing in seasoned Brandy and Bourbon oak vessels. Well crafted and exquisitely balanced, an approachable style suited to mixed drinks and classy cocktails.
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