JB Rare Scotch Whisky 700ml

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Scotch Whisky
Founded in 1749, J&B Rare is Europe's number one Scotch Whisky. J&B has a unique taste - fresh and fruity in aroma, with a hint of smokiness - thanks to careful crafting from forty two ndividual malt and grain whiskies. J&B Rare's clean taste makes it particularly suitable for mixing, and a worldwide favourite. It's thanks to J&B's superior quality that it received the first of nine Royal Warrants from King George III of England in 1760. Subsequently, this recognition has been awarded by every reigning British monarch through to the present day.
At the heart of the J&B blend are Speyside malt whiskies, which contribute fruity tones, building complexity through careful use of sweet light lowland malts and robust highland malts. The grain whiskies add freshness and liveliness. A touch of the more subtle Islay whiskies provides a background of quiet peatiness
Scotch Whisky
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