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Scotch Whisky Alcohol 58%
Single Malt Whisky is the flagship spirit of the Lark Distillery. First produced in small quantities in 1992, Lark has cellared sufficient quantities to consistently answer the call for a fine Australian Whisky at home and abroad. Distilled from Tasmanian (Franklin) barley, malted at the Cascade Brewery. Lark use Tasmanian peat frawn from the estate's own private bog in the central highlands. The whisky is lightly peated (approximately 50% of the malt is peated) and resembles in flavour a Scottish Speyside or Highland Whisky.
Tasmania's own unique cool climate Franklin barley is unlike any other in the world. Specially developed on the island, this high yield, robust grain is also the secret behind the success of Tasmania's famous beers. Tasmanian barley is specially malted for Lark at the Cascade Brewery in Hobart. Lark Single Malt is double distilled in locally crafted potted stills. Only the honey sweet heart of the run is reserved for barrelling in special one hundred litre oak casks. It is matured three, five, up to eight years in smaller barrels which offer greater oak surface area to liquid. This extravagant treatment allows a faster rate of evaporative losses and a considerably shorter maturation period than with larger barrels. Alcohol 58%
Colour of this fine Whisky varies due to single cask bottling, from pale straw to golden honey rich. The nose is greeted by malty, lightly peated, peppery spices, digging into the oily malt. The palate is massively malty, clean and fruity with a powdery oak offering further complexity, oily and fat. The finish is beautifully spiced and delicate with fluttering malty tones caressing the palate. In fine balance, this is a lovely whisky, superbly made, a beguiling and charismatic Aussie spirit. Each and every bottle of Lark Single Malt Whisky contains the very finest Tasmanian ingredients, exceptional distilling skill, and a genuine commitment to craft the world's finest spirit. Lark, Let your spirit fly
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