Chabot V.S.O.P Armagnac 700ml

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Armagnac is made in the southern province of Gascony. There are three appellations, Bas Armagnac, Haut Armagnac and Tenareze. Armagnac is the finest of all the French distillates and is mentioned in records dating back to the 15th century. The Chabot family can trace the origins of their production to the village of Labastide D'Armagnac. Winemakers and suppliers of wine grapes, they established their own brand in 1828. Chabot remains family owned and operated, one of the most significant exporters of exceptionally fine Eaux de Vie in France.
Chabot distill their Eaux de Vie in a column still and mature their Armagnac in black oak. Over the years the spirit mellows, extracting colour and flavor from the cask. The spirit evaporates over time as the angels take their share, concentrating the fruit and developing complexity. The Chabot family traditionally employed geese as guardians of the premises where the oldest Armagnac Brandies were kept, reposing under the deep, dark ageing cellars. Better than dogs and almost carefree, they prevented any attempt on strangers to penetrate the Chais. The tradition of making peerless quality Armagnac remains after 150 years, but Chabot no longer use geese to safeguard their ageing stocks of Armagnac
A brilliant shade of copper. Fine, lifted, perfumed bouquet, a nose that has a slight smell of white plums and a touch of fragrant oak. Almonds and toasted pear with a hint of scorched sugar cane. Round in the mouth, long, lingering, balanced flavours, with pleasing wood aromas, a neat lengthy taste, quite sweet with a spicy tail
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