Ardbeg Supernova Islay Malt 700ml

Ardbeg Supernova Islay Malt 700ml - Buy
Scotch Whisky
Supernova challenges the palate with a smoke and salt explosion, hot, sizzling sensations effervesce with a powerful peaty punch. Black and white crushed pepper pop with chilli and chocolate. Chewy sweet rolling tobacco, linseed oil and newly tanned leather roll backwards on a wave of brininess and burst of lime marmalade. Cigar smoke builds up to a crescendo before drying out to bring dark roast coffee, toasted almonds and liquorice root. Long, deep and powerful, refusing to fade away, warm and drying with tarry peat, cocoa and chill.
The full, Peaty punch of this legendary distillery is brought alive in an exceptional limited release. The peatiest Ardbeg yet, a stellar explosion. The Whisky boffins on the Isle of Islay, who measure and calculate everything, make use of HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography to quantify the peatiness of this Very Rare Ardbeg to the most precise measure. After much test tubing, they reported what enthusiasts of the finest Malt already knew, that this mighty Ardbeg retains a Peat level well in excess of a hundred parts per million, a staggering weight of Peat that's far beyond the heaviest concentrations and the most splendid Malts
A deep gold colour. Big and powerful nose with peaty, earthy and deep herbal notes. With the first sniff, encounter deep earthy peat oils and crushed black pepper embedded in the darkest chocolate. Swirl the glass and dip your nose into herbal infusions of juniper, elderflower and agave. Tarry ropes and creosote soaked elm follow with flowering currants, olives and hot chilli peppers. Swirl water into the glass, and voyage into the unknown with smoky coal tar, an open box of rolling tobacco, peat moss and roasted malt. A barbeque of smoky charcoal rises above the peat moss, softened by camomile, cedar and heather bloom. A blast of brine, white pepper and smoky asparagus, gooseberries and green gages
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