Hennessy X.O Exclusive Coffret 700ml

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Cognac Brandy
Maurice Hennessy was driven by a consuming passion to create an Extra Old Cognac of great rarity and consumate modernity. XO is an assemblage of a hundred Eaux de Vie from the finest Cognac vineyards, aged for untold years under the Hennessy cellars. This exceptional and refined spirit expresses a complexity of seasoned oak and spiced vanilla, matured fruits and cinnamon. Giles Hennessy suggests that adding ice to XO immediately unlocks the subtle flavours and aromas of this most magnificent marriage of precious Cognacs.
Caramel golden hues. The nose exudes aged rancio, complex nut, candied citrus and evolved oak barrel characters. Smooth, fruity and floral, the sweetness of compotes and vanilla linger and develop on the palate. An elegant Cognac characterized by outstanding balance, softness and harmony followed by an exemplary finish, defining the final word in exquisite roundness and timeless sophistication.
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