Tullibardine Single Malt Whisky 700ml 1993

Tullibardine Single Malt Whisky 1993 700ml - Buy
Scotch Whisky
A Welsh engineer by the name of William Delme Evans purchased the brewery at Tullibardine with a view to converting it to a distillery in 1947. After a period of production, Tullibardine lay dormant until it was bought along with the existing stock of whisky. In December of 2003, Tullibardine distillery once again fired up the boiler and spirit flowed from the stills for the first time in nearly nine years. The care, attention to detail and passion which is instilled by the team at Tullibardine makes a superb spirit which is laid to rest in the finest casks available.
Smooth and mellow on the palate with a fruity flavour and clean crisp finish. On nosing, Tullibardine provides the recipient with a fresh, floral scent with hints of vanilla and chocolate orange. Distilled from the purest highland spring water Tullibardine's qualities make it an ideal introductory malt scotch whisky, often described as eminently quaffable. Generally recognised as an easy drinking Malt and an ideal pre dinner appetiser
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