Edradour Highland Malt 10 Years 700ml

Scotch Whisky
Edradour 10 year old is a unique, hand crafted single Highland Malt Whisky. A product of Scotland's smallest distillery, Edradour is hand made today just as it was over 150 years ago, by just three men who are devoted to the time honoured methods of crafting whisky. Only twelve casks of whisky are produced a week, making Edradour single malt a rare pleasure for a fortunate few. If you manage to find it, you will be one of the few people lucky enough to experience its charm, golden in the glass, smooth and creamy with a nutty, honeyed finish.
Available in cases of 6
Case of 6
Edradour was established near the beautiful village of Pitlochry at Perthshire as Glenforres in 1825, renamed as Glenforres -Glenlivet after being acquired by William Whiteley in the 1920s for the purpose of producing a Malt for their King's Ransom blend. The equipment used at Edradour has remained unchanged since the day the distillery opened and is only just capable of producing commercial quantities. Edradour is the smallest distillery in Scotland, with the smallest stills. The site's manager and two distillers oversee the scant production of five hundred gallons of wort per week which yield 150 gallons of spirit from four separate wash runs
Highland malts enjoy a unique depth of flavour and quality that's the result of a fine blend of altitude and mountain water. For many connoisseurs, with its exquisitely smooth and creamy texture, with just a hint of smokiness, Edradour is the jewel in the Highland crown. Enjoyed throughout those small, significant moments that make up the ebb and flow of life, toast to life's small victories with Edradour
Scotch Whisky
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