Haamonii Smooth Shochu 750ml

Shochu (pronounced show-chew) is a traditional Japanese spirit. Haamonii means harmony and it is made for sharing. Distilled from the most select grains, it is characterized by its limpid appearance, chaste aroma and clean taste. The very essense of fine spirits, Haamonii is one of the most venerated liquors in the world. Crafted in small batches by a San Francisco husband and wife operated distillery, Haamonii Smooth has claimed numerous accolades and medals, including gold, at prestigious international spirits competitions.
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Shochu originated in China circa thirteenth century. Japanese Shochu has been traced back to the fifteenth century, originating from the most southern island of Kyushu, where the climate is too warm for Sake production. Today, Shochu is the one of the most cherished fine spirits in the world. Due to the exceptional quality of ingredients and triple distillation process, Haamonii Smooth has a cleaner aroma and a smoother, purer taste than traditional Japanese shochu. Haamonii is made to be shared with others, an ancient tradition to ensure you'll never drink alone
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