Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey 700ml

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The Old Kilbeggan Distillery is the eldest continually licensed distillery in the world. Kilbeggan has enjoyed the good times and the tough times for Irish whiskey throughout it's two hundred fifty year history. Some of the stakeholders at Kilbeggan had such a special connection that they have decided to stick around for generations. Like everything Irish, Kilbeggan is easy going and approachable, in its own style. The finest grain and Malt Whiskeys are blended together for the smooth, sweet taste and lovely malty finish that is Kilbeggan Irish whiskey.
Whiskey has been made in Ireland for centuries, it was actually the Irish that invented the art. French monks landed in Ireland during the sixth century bringing with them the technique they used to create perfume and Eau de Vie. The distillate was prepared in an apparatus called an alembic which was later renamed by the Irish as a pot still. Kilbeggan draws on this rich heritage to make Ireland's finest blended Whiskey. Making Kilbeggan requires three key ingredients, pure clean water, with which Ireland is fortunately blessed, cereals of grain and barley and most importantly, experience
Kilbeggan is a joy to behold. Tropical and citrus fruit together with, vanilla and toasty wood aromas are your first experience of Kilbeggan Irish whiskey. In the mouth Kilbeggan has a soft, silky smooth texture, a delicious sweetness with, toffee, fruit and peppery spice flavours all of which are followed by a creamy vanilla and toasty wood finish. Kilbeggan really has something for everyone. It can be savoured on its own, with ice and with water. Kilbeggan's versatile nature makes the perfect Irish coffee and the ideal cocktail ingredient. Little known outside of Ireland, a Kilbeggan Hot Whiskey is used all over the Emerald Isle to warm the soul on a cold winter's day and for medicinal purposes as a cure what ails ya
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