Camus Cognac VSOP 700ml

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Cognac Brandy
A distinctively aromatic Cognac assembled from parcels grown to the finest growths within the province of Cognac, including components of the extravagant Borderies, which contributes floral, nut and fruit. Camus is the oldest remaining, great family owned Houses of Cognac, custodian of the most valuable, aged stocks, reposing under its ancient cellars. VSOP is a profound composition of more than sixty distillates representing the four superlative appellations of Cognac, exhibiting a harmony of fresh fruit characters and delicate oak.
Bright golden colour. Good balance between floral and fruity notes. Slightly fruity with aromas of hazelnuts and almond. Hints of grapefruit and almond. Very subtle palate. Softness. Well structured, it tastes of vanilla and hints of peppery spice. Good harmony of fresh fruit and light oak
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