Diplomatico Reserva Venezuela Rum 700ml

Diplomatico Reserva Venezuela Rum 700ml - Buy
A true diplomat always remembers a woman's birthday but never her age. Venezuela is blessed by a humid climate and cooling Atlantic winds which have the effect of ageing a Rum before it's time. The finest quality molasses to be found anywhere in the world is treated to an old fashioned, small batch fermentation and distillation process in ancient pot still vessels before being placed in a selection of well seasoned oak barrels for eight years maturation. Diplomatico Reserva is simply the most refined experience at sipping Rum you will ever enjoy.
Fermentations of molasses are carried out in open air, temperature controlled tanks. Two traditional pot and five column stills produce over thirty different heavy and light grade distillates, which after maturation in a selection of Bourbon, Cognac and wine casks, are assembled by the Rum Master
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