Ambra Cream of Limoncello 500ml

Limoncello, the traditional lemon Liqueur of Italy, originated on the terraced cliffs of the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, where large, plump and sweet scented lemons are still being grown from the original stock. Until recently, Limoncello was made exclusively in the home for private consumption, to jealously guarded recipes passed down through generations. Ambra Cream of Limoncello, a creamy lemon sensation, owes much of its appeal to the delicious, refreshing taste, mild alcoholic content and total absence of any artificial additive, preservative or colourant.
Ambra is produced at Thebarton on the River Torrens, where the plumpest, finest quality citrus are treated to ancient Limoncello making traditions. Every fortnight, some three hundred kilos of unsprayed Riverland lemons are hand picked just when the zest reaches optimum levels of oil. Only a certain kind of lemon will do, lemons that were still on the tree the day before, with thick skin, it has to be a lemon that's not dry, because only the very fine zest is included. Every lemon is processed by hand, hundreds of kilos of lemons, all worked by by hand. Skins are infused in pure grape alcohol for a time, then mixed with a syrup of spring water and a recipe of secret ingredients
A sweet but superbly refreshing Liqueur, it is highly recommended to serve Cream of Limoncello chilled or on the rocks. Keep Ambra in the freezer and drink small shots, or add a dash to gin and tonic along with an extra twist of lemon, a drink that Ambra like to call Death in Venice. Enjoy Cream of Limoncello with your coffee or dessert
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