Scapa 16 Years Scotch Single Malt 700ml

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Scotch Whisky
Scapa is an island Distillery on the Orkneys archipelago, a proud and tightly knit community of kind souls, all dependent on one another. The beguiling Isle of Orkney Scapa 16 Years Malt evokes the beauty of the locale. A magic place of endless summer evenings where the sun barely dips below the horizon. This intersection of the Atlantic and North Seas is a historically significant place with a folklore dating back to 8000 BC. The distinctive tall, commanding and elegant bottle is a metaphor, alluding to the elegance and grace which define Isle of Orkney Malt.
Rich autumn gold colour. Sweet and velvety on the nose with flavours of sweet clementine and heather honey. Perfectly balanced and rich with a tang of ginger and sweet baked apples. Rich, long and very slightly dry finish showing the merest hint of the sea
Scotch Whisky
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