Sullivans Cove Double Cask 700ml

Scotch Whisky
Tasmania Distillery was established 1994 on the banks of River Derwent, very near Sullivans Cove where Royal Navy mariners planted the Union Jack. The team at Sullivan's Cove like their Whisky to be as individual as they are. Each bottle is drawn from a single or short list of casks, each offers unique flavour and charm, expect to find intriguing differences from one bottling to the next. Matured in the finest French and American oak barrels, as welcome in the drawing room alongside stilton and cigars, as it is around the barbeque after a superb meal with mates.
Crystal golden hues. Vanilla driven perfume, floral fruit, soft spice and clove. Soft and creamy palate, well structured and balanced, herbal, then some spices and honey. English candy notes and a hint of pear, a well rounded fruity finish of great length, articulating luscious honey and milk chocolate notes.
Sullivans Cove
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