GVine Floraison Dry Gin 700ml

GVine Floraison Dry Gin 700ml - Buy
Once a year, in mid June, the vine flower blossoms to life for a few days just before giving birth to a grape. The French call it floraison. G'Vine Floraison captures the essence of this ephemeral, exhilarating fragrance and the warmth of summer's arrival. The transparency of the bottle reflects the smooth, natural and fresh essence of G'Vine. The chic, green coating on the shoulders reflects the brightness of the vineyard at spring time. A seductive, floral and juniper infused eax de vie of refinement and finesse.
Delicate, sweet and floral nose with a spicy warmth expressing hints of cardamom and ginger. A smooth, subtle and round palate, grassy with flowers and spice. The luscious taste of the vine flower is upfront, with juniper, cardamom and ginger in pursuit. A very long and dry, floral finish, lingering clean and crisp. Smooth, vibrantly floral, warmly spiced, the subtle, aromatic vine flower within refined grape spirit softens the traditional juniper character to achieve exceptional balance, full bodied and soft, Gin abstainers will be pleasantly surprised. Delicious and refreshing when enjoyed neat, will elevate and enhance mixed drinks or cocktails
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