Ardbeg Alligator Islay Malt 700ml

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Scotch Whisky
Lurking within is an Ardbeg of hidden depths. Extremely fierce charring of the cask gives Ardbeg Alligator a unique spicey bite that'll catch you unaware. This wild, untamed release has been matured in new, heavily charred casks of air seasoned American white oak, imparting additional smoky, spicy, barbecue complexity. Hot and spicy flavours grip your palate, ginger and chocolate thrash you around. Slow and long mocha espresso while cigar smoke ebbs to finish you off. Charge your glass with a splash of water, roll it around and around in your jaws!.
Biding time and scarcely seen, quiet it waits, encased in green. Did I hear thunder, distant roar? I watch the gleaming liquid pour, from lair of oak, an eye of gold. Beguiling wisps of smoke take hold. Blackness charred by fiercest flame propels the force I cannot tame. It pulls me down to take the bait, now in too deep, I taste my fate. Jaws shut closing in a vice, chewy steak and liquid spice
Burnished tan leather colour. Warning signs of cumin and barbecue sauce on the bouquet. A monstrously chewy mouthfeel leads the way into a voluminous symphony of rich, intense smoky and charred flavours, with hints of soot and leather, chocolate and ginger and some altogether more savoury flavours, such as smoky pak choi and char sui barbecued meats in black bean sauce. This then gives way to some more familiar flavours, such as liquorice espresso coffee and hints of gentle, creamy vanilla. Long and satisfying, with mocha espresso coffee, ginger, cigar smoke, and a curious, lingering sweetness
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